Capitol Hill Youth Center Faces Closure

One of Capitol Hill’s popular homeless youth centers may be facing closure if they aren’t able to raise enough funds by this upcoming Wednesday October 17th. The Peace for the Streets by Kids From the Streets shelter has been around 18 years, and staff, volunteers, and youth who use the shelter are trying desperately to raise enough funds to keep the shelter afloat.

The shelter’s mission is to support homeless and at risk youth and young adults to lead a positive and self sufficient lifestyle. If the shelter can raise enough in donations to last them throughout the end of the month, they may have enough time to apply for grants to help for future funding, according to the Seattle Times. This year the center did not receive some $70,000+ in donations that they usually can count on, possibly due to the economy, and higher numbers in need at the shelter. The PSKS Center is noted for not turning away, when other shelters choose to turn away some youth who are not sober, have mental health issues, or even those who have pets. If you’d like more information on the youth center, or wish to donate, visit the Foundation’s Website.