OutWatch Group To Conduct Late-Night Patrols of Capitol Hill Streets

cal anderson

In response to a recent duo of violent attacks in the neighborhood – a rape and an attack on a drag performer – Jennifer Dietrich, who runs Capitol Hill’s Dr. Jen’s House of Beauty, is spearheading the formation a new public safety group called OutWatch, in an effort to make people feel safer walking around Capitol Hill at night.

The patrols, which will will be made up of groups of four, including two people trained in self defense, would operate from about 10:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m., Thursday through Saturday, and would be available to escort people to their cars or to other safe places. According to an article about the meeting in The Seattle Times, Dietrich said, “Whoever lives and works up here should be able to get from point A to point B without being afraid or without being attacked.”

OutWatch hearkens back to an early-1990s group called Q Patrol, whose members were trained in self defense and patrolled the streets in response to gay-bashing incidents in the neighborhood.

Cab Driver Robbed at Gun Point

policeA cab driver was flagged down by a potential fare around 3:00am this morning near the intersection of 12th Avenue South and South Main Street. The 21 year old suspect got in the car and as he and the driver began talking two more suspects entered the cab, pulled out hand guns and demanded money from the driver. They pistol whipped the driver in the head but he was able to jump out of the car, run away and call 911. The suspects stole the driver’s cell phone and GPS unit before getting out of the cab and into two separate waiting vehicles.

Officers arrived within minutes of the driver calling 911. Police stopped a Chevy Caprice a few blocks away with five men in the vehicle. The driver of the vehicle gave officers permission to search the car. Officers found two hand guns, one reported stolen, and the GPS unit from the cab. The cab driver was able to positively identify the main 21 year old suspect despite suffering cuts and bruises to his head. The other men were identified and released.

The 21 year old suspect was arrested and transported to the East Precinct where while in a holding cell he attempted to dispose of a baggie containing methamphetamines. He was later booked into the King County Jail for robbery and felony drugs.

Robbery detectives are following up on the investigation and attempting to locate the other suspects. Please contact the Seattle Police Department if you have any information regarding the incident.

Fatal Metro Bus/Pedestrian Collision on Capitol Hill

ambulanceSeattle police are investigating a metro bus/pedestrian collision that occurred this morning around 6:00am near the 1100 block of E Pine St on Capitol Hill. When officers arrived they found a deceased adult male lying in the street behind the bus. There were approximately three people on the bus at the time of the collision none of which witnessed the incident. The circumstances leading up to the incident are unknown as is any other information. Traffic Collision Investigation Squad was on the scene assisting officers.

Man Arrested After Bank Robbery

cuffsA man believed to be in his 60′s walked into a Capitol Hill bank on Broadway and Thomas around 10:45am Wednesday morning, gave the teller a demand note and walked out. The Seattle Police Department was called. After checking to make sure everyone in the bake was alright, police arrested the suspect after spotting him on Broadway and E Olive.

Man Attacks Friends when They Refuse to Share Beer

A group of girls ran into a man who was an acquaintance while out on Capitol Hill last Friday night. He joined the girls as they went to multiple bars. Everything was fine until hey stopped for a bite to eat after the bars closed. The man bought the girls slices of pizza. One of the girls bought beer from a nearby market. The man became agitated when he wanted a beer and the girl would not share. He then became angry and yelled at the girls. One of the girls called a male friend to pick them up. When he arrived he witnessed the acquaintance yelling at the girls. As the girls were getting in the friend’s car the man began throwing full cans of beer at them, hitting one girl in the glasses and smashing the windshield of the car. The male friend was kicked by the acquaintance when he got out of the car to yell at him. The police were called and the acquaintance was arrested for attacking his friends and booked into jail.

Seattle to Become the Most Wired and Connected City in the Nation


The city of Seattle has an agreement with broadband developer Gigabit Squared and the University of Washington to develop a high speed fiber network which will use the city’s unused fiber network capacity. The network is called Gigabit Seattle and will start in twelve areas of Seattle before expanding through the rest of the city. The twelve areas are: UW’s West Campus District, South Lake Union, Capitol Hill/First Hill/Central area, UW’s Metro Tract, UW’s Family Housing at Sand Point, Northgate, Volunteer Park area, Beacon Hill and SODO Light Rail Station, Mount Baker, Columbia City, Othello and Rainier Beach.

The network will include fiber connections directly to homes and businesses, gigabit broadband wireless connections to multifamily and offices across Seattle as well as next generation mobile wireless internet. UW President Michael Young believes the network will help the economy as well as help make Seattle the most wired and connected city in the nation. No money from the city will be going towards the project. Gigabit Squared is to raise all money needed to design and build the network. It is unknown what the cost will be and when the project will be launched. It is believed that will drive down costs but still be similar in price with competitors such as Comcast and CentryLink.

Much Loved Seattle Theater to Close Doors for Good

EgyptianSeattle’s Egyptian Theater will be closing its doors for good after showing its last movie on June 27th. After 20 years on Capitol Hill, a new lease agreement could not be reached with the Seattle landmark. It is not easy for single screen theaters to compete with all of the major theater companies showing several movies multiple times a day in today’s economy and so it must close.

The Egyptian is a 600 seat single screen theater that opened in 1915 as a Masonic Temple. In the early 1980′s SIFF began using the theater and since 1989, Landmark Theaters has shown foreign films, documentaries and restored classics. Seattle Central Community College bought the building in 1992 and is a separate business entity from the school and it’s closing will have no effect on the school or students. Someone will end up renting it.

New Design Plans For Broadway Hill Park Unveiled

This week Broadway Hill Park advocates have two opportunities to come support and view the final design and development of the new park, which will be extended to the corner of Federal and Republican Street. Landscape architects and site developers will be at the park to unveil the final design, and on hand for questioning tonight from 6-7:30pm, and on Sunday October 7th from 1-2:30pm.

If you can make it to the viewing, your attendance could be added as a contribution to the park, and demonstrates community involvement with it’s development, and will coincide with matching the grant funding for this project. If attendees sign in and stay for at least an hour towards helping the project, and funding the operation. According to the Capitol Hill Blog, the design unveiling will be the first time that a plan including a natural play area, and a community garden space will be shared publicly. Curious about the park’s future design now? Here is a sneak preview.

Cupcake Royale Now Offering Ice Cream!

Is it summer yet? We’ve seen a glimmer here and there, but the folks at Cupcake Royale are happy with what they can get this summer, and taking the opportunity to launch ice cream in all 6 of their store fronts.

The delectable cupcake gurus are now offering flavors such as “cupcakes n cream” as their signature flavor, and will have many other unique flavors such as their “whiskey maple bacon crack” made with locally sourced Woodinville Whiskey, and Zoe’s meats bacon, “Bonanza” made with bananas homemade brownies and caramel, burnt caramel and sea salt, and red velvet cupcake; yum! The newest store front is located at 108 pine street downtown and will open this Saturday, but until then will have a food cart outside the store front serving scoops from noon-8pm. The Ballard, Capitol Hill, and Bellevue locations will have scoops, shakes cones and sundaes on their menu, and all other locations will have pints to go.

Tunnel Boring in Capitol Hill Causes Mess on the Street

The Capitol Hill tunnel boring project is making quite a mess on the streets above, in the form of grey sludge.  A manhole created for soil sampling on Boylston Ave and E. Pike St. spewed soil and soapy water onto the streets and on cars yesterday, leaving a grayish film on the surroundings.  The mixture is used to soften clay soil for the drill.  Those who ended up with dirty cars have been provided vouchers for car washes.  For more info, see the full article here.