Recess Monkey Performs at Cal Anderson This Weekend

If you’re looking for something fun to do with the kids this weekend, treat them to a fun filled performance at Cal Anderson Park, where the local trio of Seattle elementary school teachers turned rock stars Recess Monkey will be playing live, starting at 2:45pm. Recess Monkey is the nationally acclaimed trio who have made 8 albums of funky music for kids and the whole family.

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Their last album In Tents has been reviewed as high energy, and really pin points what gets kids excited, and that ability to nail that has been a huge factor in their success. Time Out New York recently named them the #3 “Kindie” band in America, and their performance at Cal Anderson marks a very pivotal point in their career, as the drummer is bidding the band farewell after the concert to pursue other opportunities. Bring your kids to the Park, and enjoy an afternoon of music this Sunday.

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