Man Attacks Friends when They Refuse to Share Beer

A group of girls ran into a man who was an acquaintance while out on Capitol Hill last Friday night. He joined the girls as they went to multiple bars. Everything was fine until hey stopped for a bite to eat after the bars closed. The man bought the girls slices of pizza. One of the girls bought beer from a nearby market. The man became agitated when he wanted a beer and the girl would not share. He then became angry and yelled at the girls. One of the girls called a male friend to pick them up. When he arrived he witnessed the acquaintance yelling at the girls. As the girls were getting in the friend’s car the man began throwing full cans of beer at them, hitting one girl in the glasses and smashing the windshield of the car. The male friend was kicked by the acquaintance when he got out of the car to yell at him. The police were called and the acquaintance was arrested for attacking his friends and booked into jail.