Chase Bank Windows Shattered in Thursday Night Vandalism

A Chase Bank in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood suffered some vandalism last week when 7 windows were smashed around 9 p.m. by a group of disguised people, according to witnesses and reported by The Seattle Times.   Apparently, the bank has endured vandalism before.  A riot earlier this year included leftover flyers connected to a Greek anarchist, and police reported the flyers found at last week’s scene had a similar style.  Police have yet to identify the perpetrators, but are looking into an anonymous website post of Thursday’s incident.

Hit-and-Run Suspect Has Several Past Charges

Last week, Dante Piggee, crashed his BWM in North Capitol Hill while driving drunk and fled the scene with his two young children in his arms.  He was eventually arrested and is being charged with drunken driving, hit-and-run, reckless endagerment and driving with a suspended license.  This isn’t the first time Dante Piggee has had a run in with the cops and according to court records he has been charged 50 times since he was 10. Please click on the following link for the Seattle Times article, to learn more.